Everdays App - UX Design for Communication Surrounding Loss

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Empathy & Research
  • Whiteboarding & Prototyping
  • Flow Mapping
  • Heatmaps & Session Recordings

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The Everdays App

Everdays is a mobile and web app that connects the families and loved ones of someone who has passed away. My time working with Everdays was spent as the startup's primary UI designer.

Alongside executive and business leaders, marketing and creative, and the dedicated developers for each platform, I designed and helped implement UIs for the Everdays native iOS and Android apps, web apps (consumer- and business-facing), and built a clean, user-friendly visual language, styleguide, and icon set to be used across all platforms.

Usability & Demographics

The most important factors behind every design decision at Everdays were simplicity & clarity. Our identified demographics were largely composed of older folks, sometimes those tech-averse or unfamiliar with many interactions that some of us may take for granted as being intuitive.

Using software popular with these demographics as a guide, I worked to create a familiar & inviting set of interactions & visuals to help users of all levels of ability flow through the Everdays app quickly and easily. Large buttons and guided processes are at the forefront of what makes Everdays easy for new users to pick up.

Invite Page

The invite page is the main page that users see when they visit the links sent out by the family or loved ones of the person who has passed away, and it bears resemblance to a social media profile. The important task here was to simplify this page as much as possible without sacrificing the usability and organization of a bulk of information (photos, events, wall posts, and other content).

Clear visual hierarchy and calls-to-action were key in designing this page effectively. I removed headings where the content was self-evident, unified tasks into guided flows, and kept things consistent & clear using my established styleguide and visual language (see below).

Video Posting & Viewing

Everdays is first and foremost a social platform. With the advent of COVID-19 and the stress on people managing a loved one's funeral in an even more heightened state, creating a space that makes it easier to connect remotely became even more important work. I worked to design an overhaul of the ability to share video on the Everdays platform - from guided posting to familiar viewing and interacting.

Decedent Cell Contacts

One of the most challenging solutions we were tasked to come up with at Everdays was to solve for a scenario where the user (who is creating a profile and sharing it on behalf of someone who has passed away) has access to the decedent's cell phone. In this very common case, it could be beneficial to gather the contacts on the decedent's phone for sharing their profile with - the thought behind this being that these are most likely the people who would want to be informed of the passing and any events surrounding it, and who would want to leave messages or condolences for friends and family.

I worked out a guided, step-by-step solution that involved a user doing a task on one phone, while referring to another. This involved simplifying the process as much as possible, while still keeping things secure and easy to use.

Colors, Icons, & Visual Style

Another undertaking involved curating and establishing a consistent visual language and style across all of the separate solutions that Everdays offered. I worked closely with stakeholders & the developers involved in implementing my designs to ensure visual quality & consistency across-the-board. This, alongside the styleguide and ruleset that I created and distributed to the entire team, ensured that the user experience was consistent not only between iOS, Android, and the web version of the consumer-facing app, but also connected and cohesive even when a business partner was using the Everdays dashboard, or if someone was reading an email sent by Everdays.